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Stamping Facility:

In 2000, we greatly expanded our stamping and welding and assembly capability by building a new 40,000 sq. ft state of the art stamping facility. This new facility allowed us to greatly expand our larger press and process capabilities. We added 11 stamping presses and support equipment. This support equipment includes material feeding capability up to 72” wide and a 10 ton overhead crane to better handle larger steel coils. During this expansion we added two complete transfer/tandem lines. We also added more robotic arc welding capability and six additional projection and spot welders.


In August 2007 we expanded our stamping facility by an additional 5300 sq. ft. New 36" and 24” servo feedlines were also added in 2007.


Production and Tooling Facility:

In 2010, we expanded our production facility. The full service tool room was moved into this addition. This allowed us to both transfer our tool room to the new facility and better integrate it with our production facility. It also allowed us to expand our production capability and capacities. In 2010, we consolidated our complete tooling operations with our production operations as we moved our tooling from across the street to a new 20,000 sq. ft. combined tooling/production addition. Now tooling and production are all under one roof which provides greater synergies. In 2020 we finished another 40,000sq. ft. addition to our production facility. It is now over 105,000 sq. ft. with approximately 120,000 sq. ft. in total space of combined production and storage space.