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What’s New at Inland Tool?
•    Added 800 ton heavy duty Verson Press
•    Various New Assembly Cells
•    Vision Technology implemented
•    Lean Manufacturing processes/Terms implemented
•    Expanded Electrical Engineering and Electronics Capabilities
•    Added 500 ton Niagara Straight Side press and heavy duty feedline
•    Purchased new state of the art brake shoe welder and reformer cell
•    Added 100 ton Niagara Straightside press
•    Added machining cell 
•    Installed Rolls Royce whole plant back-up generator

In 2014 we added a 800 ton Straightside Press, various subassembly cells, a machining cell and a full plant diesel Generator.
The full plant generator was added because in December 2007, we were without power for four days due to an ice storm.  We were within hours of having to move production.  To never have to face that potential dilemma again and to ensure customer supply we invested in the generator.


•    100 ton press

•    800 ton press

•    28 presses range in size from small OBI’s to large 600Ton big bed (60”x120”) straightside presses

•    11 stamping presses and support equipment which includes material feeding capability up of over 3/8" thickness

•    10 ton overhead crane to better handle larger steel coils

•    Added two complete transfer/tandem lines

•    Added more robotic arc welding capability and six additional projection and spot welders

•    New 36” and 24” servo feedlines

•    500T Niagara 108” x 60” press


Welding and Assembly

•    Fastener (nuts, bolts, sleeves, etc.) welding through projection welding

•    Spot welding

•    Robotic arc welding

•    Fastener welders use nut and bolt feeders to improve throughput

•    State of the art new brake shoe welding cell

•    Vision technology



•    Complex progressive dies

•    Weld fixtures, machining fixtures, part gages


Engineering and Design

•    CAD tools, including CATIA version 5.0, Cimatron and the latest Autocad versions

•    3-D printer




•    CNC vertical machining centers

•    CNC lathes

•    Wire EDM machines


Metal Fabrication

•    Mazak 4KW Fiber Laser Cutter

•    Laser cutting

•    CNC hydraulic brake press operations